Thursday, February 23, 2012

Conroy Chapters 5 and 6

          The sentence that I picked out from chapter five was "We must show love, compassion, and understanding for each other."  I like this sentence because this is the part in the story where Conroy tries to teach the children some responsibility and compassion for others.  He says this line after he and the children start talking about the condition of the dogs on the island.  During this conversation the children get mad, and they start calling each other names.  In order to try and get past this disrespect for one another he decides to teach them responsibility by giving them puppies to take care of.  The dogs appear later down the line to be as malnourished as the dogs already on the island, but they still have some of their old spark which gives Conroy some hope.  The sentence that I picked out from chapter six was "I admire you very much for having taught on this God-forsaken island, but I am going to give these kids the experience of spending Halloween the way the rest of the kids in America spend it."  In this chapter Conroy stands up to Mrs. Brown so that he can take the children to Beaufort on a field trip for Halloween.  He wants them to experience Halloween because they never have before.  Halloween is something that they do not seem to celebrate on Yamacraw Island.  Not only will the children get to experience Halloween, but they will get to hang out with white children the same age as them.  This is something that they have never done before.  The field trip to Beaufort was educational for the students; they got to learn about Halloween, but they also got to mix with children outside of their own culture.  Conroy fight for this field trip was educational for both him and his students.

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  1. What a wonderful, wonderful sentence to select. I could see this being posted in your classroom somewhere. It really reminds me of our example from the Japanese classroom. Good post!