Thursday, March 1, 2012

Conroy Chp 7 & 8

             The sentence that I picked out from chapter seven was "I did not take them seriously until I realized how seriously the kids took them, how they suffered under this constant humiliation, and how powerless they felt to cope with her attacks on their basic worth and  dignity."  In this line Conroy is talking about how much hated Mrs. Brown.  This chapter focuses on how abusive Mrs. Brown was to the students, and they did not trust her because of it.  There was a part in the chapter where the students became mad at Conroy for beatings several of them had received while he was away one day.  On this day Conroy had to go to the mainland for something, and he left the children a collage project to work on.  It was supposed to be completed by the time he got back to the island.  When he returned there was no collage, and Mrs. Brown told him that she had taken the belt to several students for posting pictures of naked women on the wall of the school room.  These naked pictures turned out to be works of art by Picasso.  The sentence that I picked out from chapter eight was "It is hard to pinpoint accurately the precise moment, when I lost favor with administrative juggernaut of Beaufort County."  In this chapter Conroy goes head to head with the people who run Beaufort County school system.  He has written several letters stating that he believes that Yamacraw children deserve the same education as everyone else in the county, and that there is no reason why the school board cannot pay for him to commute back and forth from the island.  They try to frighten him out of what they called his "griping", but in the end he won an allowance so that he could commute, as well setting up a fresh milk program for the students.

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